Month: May 2022

From the Chancellor

Revealing more chapters of the human story

May 2022

Serious wordplay

Professors in UC Santa Cruz's creative writing concentration encourage risk and responsibility, leading a program that's experimental, playful, smart, and fresh

By Dan White, May 2022

Computers and us

UC Santa Cruz's new professional M.S. program in human-computer interaction examines the interfaces between people and computers—a study that's becoming more important than ever as technology proliferates

By Lisa Renner, May 2022

Learning about learning

UC Santa Cruz’s New Gen Learning—a research consortium made up of faculty and graduate students from diverse fields—highlights the learning strengths of underserved children and students

By Lisa Renner, May 2022

Reasonable Doubts

A remarkable, first-time film course at UC Santa Cruz tackles the criminal justice system, aiming to free wrongfully convicted people incarcerated in American prisons.

By Nina Sazevich, May 2022

Eric Becerra: Innovative wall-breaker

Rachel Carson '03, sociology

By Peggy Townsend, May 2022

Laura Lopez: Triumph and survival

M.S. '07; Ph.D. '11, astronomy and astrophysics

By Dan White, May 2022

Lou Mathews: L.A. stories

Porter ’73, literature/creative writing

By Peggy Townsend, May 2022

Sherril (Babcock) Wells: Grounded in love

Cowell '81, history and East Asian studies

By Dan White, May 2022