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From the Chancellor

Harnessing the power of AI—while avoiding its perils

February 2024

From the chancellor

Chancellor Cynthia Larive: Impactful innovation synonymous with UC Santa Cruz

May 2023

From the Chancellor

Chancellor Cynthia Larive: A time for giving back

November 2022

From the Chancellor

Revealing more chapters of the human story

May 2022

From the Chancellor

Chancellor Cynthia Larive: Prioritizing social justice and shaping our future

February 2022

Chancellor Cynthia Larive: Hopeful spring

As we look with cautious optimism toward in-person instruction this fall, I'm proud of the resilience we have shown and the value we bring to our greater community

March 2021

Letters from Fall 2018

Campus has more history with prison projects I read with interest about how UC Santa Cruz led the Ethics Bowl at San Quentin Prison (“Shifting the debate,” p. 21, fall ’18). However, this is not the only prison project in...

March 2019
Magazine Cover, Spring 2016

Letters from Spring 2018

Rants, raves, recommendations, and love letters from our readers.

October 2018