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We need your leadership

One of the first rules for a successful leader is to set and clearly communicate an agenda. In these tumultuous times, that is truer than ever, and it is as much about leadership and personal values as it is about...

By John Laird (Stevenson '72, politics), October 2018

Stay connected; it isn’t all about the money

As president of Compton College—which just last year was formally recognized as a California Community College, becoming the college system’s 114th campus—I feel I have a different perspective than most alumni on staying connected to UC Santa Cruz. Above: Keith...

By Keith Curry (Oakes ’99, American studies), March 2018

Saving science

In the days following the 2016 presidential election, I grew concerned about the impact of the new administration on environmental science, policies, and federal agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As my concerns grew, I knew I had to...

By Lindsey Dillon, October 2017

We will not turn back

UC Santa Cruz is an institution that recognizes—and cherishes—diverse opinions, disciplines, and backgrounds. This commitment is enshrined in our Principles of Community, which call for mutual respect and celebration of diversity. We Banana Slugs speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, and...

By Herbie Lee, March 2017
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Liquid alchemy

UC Santa Cruz is home to the last working metal foundry in the UC system, giving students the opportunity to experience an unusual level of artistic discovery.

By Sean M. Monaghan, October 2016
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A new era for alumni

We've made major changes to the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association.

By Chancellor George Blumenthal, March 2016