From the Chancellor

Chancellor Cynthia Larive: Leading efforts to address the challenges of climate change

March 2023

Samantha Hamilton: First Amendment advocate

Award-winning journalist and civil rights lawyer Samantha Hamilton (Kresge ’16, economics) finds herself using skills learned at City on a Hill Press during her fellowship as a newsroom attorney for the New York Times.

By Kristen Garabedian, March 2023

Andrew Kramer: A witness to war

A Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter, war correspondent, and now Ukraine bureau chief for the New York Times, Andrew Kramer (Cowell ’94, history) shines a light on world events.

By Peggy Townsend, March 2023

Helen Tran: A term of firsts

Helen Tran (Rachel Carson ’04, American studies), a daughter of Vietnamese refugees, is the first Asian American mayor of San Bernardino and the first Vietnamese American woman to be elected mayor of a U.S. city.

By Dan White, March 2023

Aliyah Khan: Sharing the scare

Aliyah Khan (Ph.D. ’12, literature and feminist studies) dives into the world of Muslim horror films with the playfully named Halaloween film festival.

By Grace Stetson, March 2023

New traditions

UC Santa Cruz alumni Florence Nelson, Stephen Klein, and Nadene Thorne are at the forefront of volunteering at Cowell College, laying the groundwork for what an alumni relationship with the campus could look like.

By Haneen Zain (Rachel Carson ’21, politics), March 2023

A page at a time

The daughter of the late UCSC astrophysicist Bill Mathews has found a creative way to remember and pay tribute to her father—by weaving portraits of him into and over his handwritten notes.

By Haneen Zain (Rachel Carson ’21, politics), March 2023

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March 2023

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March 2023


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March 2023

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