Issue: Spring 2016

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Alumnus's game aims to build empathy by allowing players to take the role of a poor black American, encountering aggressions from humiliating to lethal

By Leigh Alexander, March 2016
Illustration of climbing a DNA ladder to a treehouse

Building a ladder to a cure

A cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence for children. Now UC Santa Cruz researchers are opening a new front in the battle against the disease.

By Dan White, March 2016
Pat Zavella

Crossing borders

At UC Santa Cruz, the Latin American and Latino Studies Department is breaking boundaries and creating thought leaders

By Peggy Townsend, March 2016
Stone Brewing at Alumni Weekend

Slugs on tap

UC Santa Cruz alumni make their mark in the California brewing scene

March 2016
Fall 2015 cover banner

Letters from Fall 2015

Correspondence, comments, rants, and raves from readers.

March 2016
Banana Slug Parade participants walk and drive down Pacific Avenue

This is UC Santa Cruz

A roundup of recent news, events, happenings, and special reports.

March 2016
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Alumni association changes and adapts

UC Santa Cruz is shifting from the old model of "alumni association" to a powerful new model of "alumni network."

By Dan White, March 2016
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The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz

Alumna Bev Crair made an empowering decision when she honored her best friend—her mother—with a pledge establishing an endowed fund for students at the Lionel Cantú Queer Center.

March 2016
Anil Ananthaswamy

Anil Ananthaswamy: Self-aware

A willingness to explore and ask questions, even when it's uncomfortable, has marked Anil Ananthaswamy as a respected science journalist.

By Peggy Townsend, March 2016

Chris Brown: Street wise and book smart

When the bullet missed Chris Brown's head by millimeters, it set him on a course toward teaching criminal justice and working to end the gang violence on the streets of Los Angeles.

By Peggy Townsend, March 2016
Students moving their belongings in to Cowell College

A new era for alumni

We've made major changes to the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association.

By Chancellor George Blumenthal, March 2016
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Spring 2016 Alumni Notes

News, notes, updates, and announcements from Slug alumni.

March 2016
Preview of our Special Report

Exclusive web-only features

Don't miss our commemorative book, 50 Ways to Be Amazing, and our special report, The Wild, Wild West Coast.

March 2016
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About the Spring 2016 issue

You may have noticed some big changes to your alumni magazine. But don't fear!

March 2016