Above: Student on campus | Photo by Elena Zhukova


A cup of kindness UC Santa Cruz student Tommy Alejandrez was living on the streets when he met former NFL player Zack Follett on a busy corner in Fresno. The meeting—over a cup of coffee—sparked a friendship that would change both of their lives.

By Peggy Townsend


A literary luminary Karen Tei Yamashita, emerita professor of literature, received the 2021 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters

By Robert Ham


Astronomers witness the explosive end of a dying star The Young Supernova Experiment transient survey observed a red supergiant during its final 130 days leading up to a supernova explosion

By Mari-Ela Chock  & Tim Stephens


Removing bias from human genotyping Researchers demonstrated an effective new tool for mapping genetic variants in sequencing data using ‘pangenomics’ instead of a single reference genome

By Tim Stephens



Alumni profiles:

Hollywood trailblazer: Ally Walker Oakes College alumna Ally Walker’s career went from sequencing genomes to solving crimes on television

By Paula Hermann


How one tiny island influenced the world Egill Bjarnason, journalist and Soc Doc alumnus, explains the big history of his native Iceland in a ‘joyously peculiar book’

By Peggy Townsend




Do everything with love Tiffany Harmon (Crown ’98, psychology) made a bequest to UC Santa Cruz’s KZSC radio station, illustrating a passion for contributing to causes that are important to her.

By Christy Tall

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