Cowell College


Pete MYERS has written two novels for publisher the Mentoris Project. One came out last April, called Leonardo’s Secret, and the other one comes out toward the end of this year, called Dark Labyrinth. The first one’s on da Vinci; the second one is on Galileo with a forward by astrophysicist George F. Coyne, former director of the Vatican Observatory for 28 years.

Hatte BLEJER has moved back to California after 45 years in Texas, Israel, and Virginia. She is retired, living in Los Angeles, and being a nanny for her grandchildren, ages 2-1/2 and 6 months. “Come visit,” she writes.


James B. MCCLINTOCK is the Endowed University Professor of Polar and Marine Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research has been funded continuously over the past 30 years by the National Science Foundation and focuses on aspects of marine invertebrate nutrition, reproduction, and primarily Antarctic marine chemical ecology. On March 16, he was honored alongside one of the largest ever gatherings of Apollo astronauts, and additional surprise guests, at the 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner, live at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.


Michael LEVITIN has released his debut novel, Disposable Man. He has been a journalist, at home and abroad, for most of the past 15 years, writing for Newsweek, Time, L.A. Times and others; six of those years were spent working as a correspondent in Berlin, where Disposable Man is set.

Stevenson College


Judge Kelvin D. FILER wrote a piece for Los Angeles Lawyer magazine’s December 2018 issue entitled The “Bridge” is Back. In it, he reflects on how powerful mentorship bridged the gap from his own childhood to a legal career, appointment to the bench, and eventual mentoring in Bridging the Gap, an orientation program aimed at helping new lawyers transition from law school to actually practicing law.


Leslie KARST’s latest mystery, Murder from Scratch, will be released nationwide this April. Published by Crooked Lane, Murder from Scratch, the latest installment of Karst’s beloved Sally Solari Mystery Series, will be published in a hardcover edition and e-book editions. In addition, Karst was nominated for the prestigious Lefty Award for her mystery, Death al Fresco. This year’s Lefty Awards will be presented on March 30, 2019, in Vancouver.


Edith (ROYAL) Allison recently completed a teaching fellowship in Uganda with the Limited Resource Teacher Training organization.


Timothy WEINER was appointed as a judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. He is presently assigned to the criminal division of the court.

Crown College


Kenneth BURCH recently published an article in the journal Nature (563, 47 [2018]) describing the exciting new opportunities with magnetic 2D materials.

Kresge College


Don MCCORMICK now lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Grass Valley. Some friends and he started a mindfulness teacher training company—Unified Mindfulness—which he says is tremendously gratifying work.


Eloise (LATIMAH) Shim recently published a book called Education Policy During the Obama Years. She talked about her book on J.W. Winslow (January 10, 2019). There is also have a short YouTube video about the book.


David S. PILLIOD of Boise, Idaho, received an Outstanding Achievement Award for Research/Academia at the Society for Range Management’s 72nd Annual Meeting, Technical Training, and Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 10–14, 2019. The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented by the Society for Range Management for outstanding achievement to members and other qualified individuals and groups working with rangelands.


Sarah WHITTIER is still teaching ancient Greek history and literature (in translation) to delightful 7th graders at a small progressive school in Manhattan, City and Country—the school she went to as a girl. She would love to connect with old friends and students from her UC Santa Cruz days.


Lauren SAGUILIG and Michael Doyle (Porter ’10) are delighted to announce their engagement. The happy couple met off campus in 2010. A fall wedding is planned.

Porter College


Michael DOYLE and Lauren Saguilig (Kresge ’13) are delighted to announce their engagement. The happy couple met off campus in 2010. A fall wedding is planned.

Oakes College


Clay WOODARD is living in rural Michigan and owns Blue Lake Resort.


Elliot G. JOHNSON has joined Klinedinst Sacramento as associate. He is a business litigation attorney who represents corporations, governmental entities, and individuals in business, general liability, and professional liability matters. He earned his juris doctor degree from UC Davis King Hall School of Law.

Graduate Studies


Thomas BASS published two new books on Vietnam: The Spy Who Loved Us—The Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An’s Dangerous Game; and Censorship in Vietnam—Brave New World.


Brian SHOTT, a writer, editor, and independent scholar, has released a new book, Mediating America: Black and Irish Press and the Struggle for Citizenship, 1870–1914. The book describes how black and Irish journalists in the Gilded Age used newspapers to shape and constrain the struggle for American belonging. Shott taught history at San Quentin Prison in a college-accredited program run through Patten University.

In Memoriam


Shannon (HENDRICKS) Poteet (Kresge) passed away on June 26, 2018, in Modesto. Classmate Kristen GUZMÁN (Kresge ‘92) met Poteet their first year at UC Santa Cruz in fall 1987 because they shared an apartment at Kresge. Says Guzman, “She was the mother to two amazing children, Lucas and Sarah Poteet. She was a social worker, counselor, and artist, and she loved rock ‘n’ roll. She was a warrior. She was sunshine. She will be dearly missed.”


Julie Anne MCKAY (Merrill) died on December 15, 2018, in Louisville, Colorado, from complications of metastatic breast cancer. She earned a master’s degree in international peace studies at the University of Notre Dame. From her work monitoring disarmament as an intern at the UN in Geneva for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, conflict resolution for the Better Business Bureau in Washington, D.C., to CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado, her career was focused upon mediation, public outreach, and promoting peace and reducing conflict. Those skills were especially important in her career during the past decade when she was a manager in both transportation and flood recovery for Boulder County. She was the first to proclaim what a great 50 years she had lived. She leaves an abundance of friends especially in Wyoming, Colorado, and California.

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