Spring 2016

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Do not fear change

You may be noticing some big changes to your alumni magazine. But don’t fear! It’s an effort to shift the magazine—formerly known as UC Santa Cruz Review—toward shining a light on important issues and effectively delivering valuable news and information.

Some of the changes you’ll see in this issue and going forward include:

  • The name: Now simply called UC Santa Cruz Magazine. And with a new name comes a new online experience at magazine.ucsc.edu.
  • 1 More Thing: A new column serving as a lively endnote to each issue, featuring diverse expressions, perspectives, and authors. Chancellor George Blumenthal kicks it off for us.
  • Alumni Notes is now exclusively online.
  • Exciting new online-only features such as Pop-Up, a series about alumni food and drink. We start with alumni breweries—cheers!

Want to skip the print magazine and catch it online only? Drop us a line at magazine@ucsc.edu to be taken off the print mailing list and added to an email list. Comments? Questions? High fives? Email us at magazine@ucsc.edu.

Advertisements from the Spring 2016 issue

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University of California Santa Cruz

George Blumenthal

Vice Chancellor, University Relations
Keith E. Brant

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Communications and Marketing
Sherry L.K. Main

UC Santa Cruz Magazine
Spring 2016

Gwen Jourdonnais

Creative Director
Lisa Nielsen

Art Director/Designer
Linda Knudson (Cowell ’76)

Associate Editor
Dan White

Jeanne Lance

Carolyn Lagattuta
Elena Zhukova

Leigh Alexander
Guy Lasnier (Merrill ’78)
Scott Rappaport
Joan Springhetti
Tim Stephens (SciComm ’90)
Peggy Townsend
Dan White

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