Wanted: Extraordinary chancellor for a campus like no other

As president of the University of California system, one of my most important responsibilities is searching for a new chancellor when one of the university’s campus leaders steps down. This year, I am taking on this challenge on behalf of...

By University of California President Janet Napolitano, March 2019
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Spring 2019 Alumni Notes

News, notes, updates and announcements from Slug alumni

March 2019
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About the Spring 2019 Issue

From the print magazine (Click for larger image) UC Santa Cruz Magazine appears twice a year: spring and fall. Inclusion of advertising in UC Santa Cruz Magazine is not meant to imply endorsement of any company, product, or service being...

March 2019

Letters from Fall 2018

Campus has more history with prison projects I read with interest about how UC Santa Cruz led the Ethics Bowl at San Quentin Prison (“Shifting the debate,” p. 21, fall ’18). However, this is not the only prison project in...

March 2019

This is UC Santa Cruz

A roundup of recent news, events, happenings, and special reports.

October 2018

Ada Recinos: Council crusader

College Ten ’15, sociology

By Peggy Townsend, October 2018

Darrick Smith: A mission to give back

Oakes '96, sociology

By Amy Ettinger, October 2018

Jeremy Strick: Living artfully

Cowell ’77, art history

By Amy Ettinger, October 2018

Gia Voeltz: Cell sleuth

Crown ‘94, biochemistry and molecular biology

By Peggy Townsend, October 2018