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Help for housing on campus: Student Housing West

UC Santa Cruz is in dire need of student housing. Almost no one living on or off campus would debate that point. But the questions of where and how to build such housing, along with its size and scope, are...

October 2018
North Salinas high school student debaters

Reaching more communities

Each winter, high school teams from Salinas to San Francisco travel to UC Santa Cruz to vie in the Northern California High School Regional Ethics Bowl. Above: North Salinas High School students Denize Ignacio (center) and Aliyah Annis (left) at...

October 2018

Preventing plastic’s perils

Chemistry professor Rebecca Braslau is working to develop an alternative plastic without the problematic molecules phthalates, which can mimic hormones and cause health problems

By Teresa l. Carey, March 2018

A rain check for undying love

She sketched out a check for him from the ‘Cowell College Love Bank,’ and they went their separate ways—until 39 years later

By Peggy Townsend, March 2018

Comic relief

Alumnus Doug Bragdon employs student artists with Santa Cruz Comics, a new glossy magazine that takes its cue from Japanese manga comics

By Dan White, March 2018

These walls can talk

First-generation Salvadoran American Mauricio Ramirez finds voice, art, and inspiration in the murals of San Francisco’s Mission District

By Dan White, March 2018

An indelible mark

The late Robert Sinsheimer, who served as chancellor from 1977 to 1987, left a lasting legacy by leading a young UC Santa Cruz through major changes, from the audacious to the controversial

By Dan White, October 2017

Pore strength

A company with UC Santa Cruz roots called Two Pore Guys has created a biosensing device that may revolutionize the way we do medicine and live in our environment

By Peggy Townsend, October 2017
Marlene Tromp

Lessons of history reflect on her story

UC Santa Cruz’s new second-in-command, Marlene Tromp, is a respected scholar and professor of Victorian history—and a first-generation college graduate

By Dan White, October 2017

Chair raising

The campus has inaugurated 16 new chairs since the start of the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz, bringing new research funds along with heightened creativity, prestige, and influence

By Dan White, October 2017