Above: Humanities students on campus (Photo by Elena Zhukova)


Research Center for the Americas to be named in honor of Dolores Huerta


UC Santa Cruz renamed the Research Center for the Americas, which recently celebrated 30 years of groundbreaking research, in honor of social justice icon Dolores Huerta, whose legacy has influenced the center’s work and values.

By Abby Butler

Celebrating Excelencia


UC Santa Cruz earned the prestigious Seal of Excelencia certification for its work as a Hispanic-Serving Institution in recognition for utilizing data, practice, and leadership to intentionally serve Latinx students.

By Abby Butler

Creating a lifetime of connection


New UC Santa Cruz students mingled with fellow incoming students and alumni at events throughout California this summer as part of a pilot series aptly named Slug Summer Send-Offs.

By Christy Tall

An equitable future for food


This year UC Santa Cruz celebrates 55 years of national leadership in organic and sustainable agriculture, and the campus hub for those efforts, the Center for Agroecology, is gearing up to expand its impact even further.

By Allison Arteaga Soergel


Alumni profiles:

Rick Carter: The courage to create, the audacity to imagine


Alumnus Rick Carter, a two-time Academy Award–winning film production designer and art director, returned to UC Santa Cruz in September to receive the Distinguished Banana Slug Award at the second annual Arts Convocation.

By Nina Sazevich

From galaxy to grassroots


Alumna Chanda Prescod-Weinstein splits her focus on issues of both galactic and national scales.

By Bayan Parrenas Shimizu



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