Category: Features

Humanizing the metaverse

A Humanities Institute fellowship brings trained humanists into high-tech companies, providing firms with creative and fluid thinkers while also giving scholars a view into how their expertise can be used in different positions.

By Dan White, November 2022

Open minds

As the Baskin School of Engineering celebrates its 25th anniversary, its successes reflect the uncommon value of open science that forms the foundation of the school’s ethos

By Emily Cerf, November 2022

The quiet quest for quantum

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz are modeling, creating, and testing new materials that could one day be used to build powerful, energy-efficient quantum computers.

By Sarah C. P. Williams (SciCom ’07), November 2022

Opening the black box

One scientist's vision to reveal the secrets of our ‘junk’ DNA launches a worldwide effort to complete a human genome

By Sarah C. P. Williams (SciCom ’07), August 2022

Transforming arts

Sir Isaac Julien, distinguished arts professor, acclaimed filmmaker, and artist, is having a blockbuster summer—he received a knighthood, opened a new exhibition, and was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, highlighting the importance of the...

By Dan White, August 2022

Serious wordplay

Professors in UC Santa Cruz's creative writing concentration encourage risk and responsibility, leading a program that's experimental, playful, smart, and fresh

By Dan White, May 2022

Computers and us

UC Santa Cruz's new professional M.S. program in human-computer interaction examines the interfaces between people and computers—a study that's becoming more important than ever as technology proliferates

By Lisa Renner, May 2022

Learning about learning

UC Santa Cruz’s New Gen Learning—a research consortium made up of faculty and graduate students from diverse fields—highlights the learning strengths of underserved children and students

By Lisa Renner, May 2022

Reasonable Doubts

A remarkable, first-time film course at UC Santa Cruz tackles the criminal justice system, aiming to free wrongfully convicted people incarcerated in American prisons.

By Nina Sazevich, May 2022