Above: Students at Porter College on campus (photo by Elena Zhukova)


Crucial krill


Data from Antarctica show more humpback whales get pregnant after years with abundant krill than after years when krill were less plentiful.

By Tim Stephens

Dubbing new dudleya


A retired staff botanist at the UCSC Arboretum & Botanic Garden studied the rare plants found on an island off the coast of Baja California and identified two new species of dudleya.

By Tim Stephens

Students embark on tech for social good projects


From living solar panels to education through digital storytelling for formerly incarcerated peoples, students at UC Santa Cruz are tackling today’s pressing issues through technological innovation.

By Emily Cerf

Alumni Weekend re-envisioned


Alumni Weekend was created to welcome alumni back to UC Santa Cruz for a week of reconnecting with peers, Santa Cruz, and the campus community. In 2023, the program will take on a redesigned look.

By Haneen Zain (Rachel Carson ’21, politics)

The seas speak with Sensorium


A new project in development by UC Santa Cruz’s Center for the Study of the Force Majeure will give the public a transformative opportunity to interact with the world’s ocean ecosystem in a fully immersive work of environmental art entitled Sensorium.

By Nina Sazevich

UCSC Cal Teach connects STEM majors with local public schools


Established in fall 2005, the UCSC Cal Teach program is one of nine in the UC system, with a goal to recruit and support undergrads in the STEM field to become teachers in K-12 schools.

By Grace Stetson


Alumni profiles:

Hops and humanities


Alumnus Steve Wagner, cofounder of Stone Brewing, studied literature at UCSC and says he was transformed by his time as a student. Now he supports graduate student summer research fellowships in The Humanities Institute.

By Haneen Zain (Rachel Carson ’21, politics)

‘As councilors we do amazing things’


Alumnus Mario Galdamez—now an Alumni Councilor—first laid eyes on UC Santa Cruz during a campus tour in 2002. He instantly fell in love with the university surrounded by nature and chose to attend as a first-generation college student. Read about his journey to UCSC and council service.

By Haneen Zain (Rachel Carson ’21, politics)



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