Ready for real conversations about race

A video game designed to be a real-life simulation of what it is like to be a person of color in America … an interesting approach [“&maybetheywontkillyou,” page 8, spring 2016]. With so much talk and news media on the issue, is this what is finally going to break through to people so we can start having real conversations? Time will only tell.

–Sam Doshi (Stevenson ‘04, business)

Editor’s note: With the spring 2016 issue, UC Santa Cruz Magazine made
changes to its name, design, and content. Readers responded in a survey
we sent asking for feedback.

Readers react to the new magazine

It totally captured me. I read it all! Stands way above the magazine
from my graduate university.

–Carol Leone (Rachel Carson College [formerly College Eight] ‘90,
cultural anthropology)

I liked seeing the things alumni are doing that seem unique to former UC
Santa Cruz students.

–Torie Quiñonez (Merrill ‘03, American studies)

It was a much, much needed update. I went to graduate school at Columbia
University and my partner went to a Big 10 school, and it’s more on par
with more established institutions.

–Jon Carnero (Kresge ‘94, politics)

Thanks for conveying impact

Happy to read about all the great accomplishments of UC Santa Cruz’s
Latin American and Latino Studies Department [“Crossing borders,” page
22, spring 2016]. Always such a strong voice on campus, I was glad to
read all of the impact the program is making. Brava!

–Kayla Kimmins (Stevenson ‘05, modern literature)

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