Our 50th anniversary celebration last year was a great success. We invited you to the party, and you came.

You might think that we’d just tidy up after the festivities and get back to business as usual. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We want to invite you to more than a party. We want you to be a close member of the UC Santa Cruz family. And because of that, we’ve made major changes to the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association.

I’m happy to announce that all alumni now have free, unlimited access to the services and support of the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association. No dues. No barriers.

We’ve made this change to help build connections between our 100,000 alumni around the world—a global community of Banana Slugs. We are making it easier for graduates to network—and to spark, or rekindle, friendships.

We’ve also heard from alumni that they want to support current students and recent graduates as they navigate the transition from college to career. Our new online Career Advice Network (CAN) connects alumni with students by profession to promote mentoring and conversation. Visit www.ucsc.edu/can.

From the moment students arrive at UC Santa Cruz, they will join a vast, open community that will support them for the rest of their lives.

See page 12 and/or alumni.ucsc.edu for more information about these changes and the benefits and opportunities of your membership.

Welcome to the family, Slugs! With the power of the alumni network behind you, you can accomplish almost anything.

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