Planning for the future

Through her will, alumna Susan Bok, a retired senior transportation planner, established a future endowed scholarship for environmentalists and planners at UC Santa Cruz.

By Susan L. Bok, Rachel Carson College ’77, February 2020

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February 2020

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February 2020

This is UC Santa Cruz

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October 2019

Food for all

This Giving Tuesday, help UC Santa Cruz make sure students have full minds—and bellies

By Dan White, October 2019

Jeffrey Conrad Stewart: Pulitzer pride

Cowell '71, philosophy

By Peggy Townsend, October 2019

Melinda James: The language of film

M.A. '12, social documentation

By Amy Ettinger, October 2019

Chelsea Manzano: Game plan

M.S. '18, games and playable media

By Amy Ettinger, October 2019

Sharifa Crandall: Plant doctor

Ph. D. '16, environmental studies

By Peggy Townsend, October 2019

Debates on the wild frontier of genomics reveal where the real frontier lies

When I first received an invitation from Vatican City last summer to attend a global genomics conference, I did a double take. Fifty years prior, my father was among the priests who spoke out against the papal letter on birth...

By Jenny Reardon, October 2019

Choosing what’s important

Lisa Kermish found her best friends and a lifelong commitment to social justice at UC Santa Cruz. Now she’s added Slug Support to her will. As a student, Kermish (Stevenson ‘76, literature and creative writing) taught creative writing workshops, created...

October 2019

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October 2019