Lights, camera, social action

UC Santa Cruz’s Social Documentation Program, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, is producing socially conscious films that bear witness, address injustice, and shine a light on neglected subjects.

By Dan White, March 2017

Campaign update

Campaign progress to date: $311 million

March 2017
Axel Alonso stands in front of a mural of Captain America

Axel Alonso: Diversity’s superhero

Cowell ’87, sociology

By Peggy Townsend, March 2017
Jennifer Andaluz speaks to a group of students

Jennifer Andaluz: Providing the stepping stones to college

Oakes ’94, American studies

By Peggy Townsend, March 2017
Portrait of Niketa Calame

Niketa Calame: Acting with purpose

Oakes ’02, theater arts

By Peggy Townsend, March 2017

Alan Lovewell: Fishing for change

Cowell ’05, art

By Peggy Townsend, March 2017

We will not turn back

UC Santa Cruz is an institution that recognizes—and cherishes—diverse opinions, disciplines, and backgrounds. This commitment is enshrined in our Principles of Community, which call for mutual respect and celebration of diversity. We Banana Slugs speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, and...

By Herbie Lee, March 2017
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Happy anniversary!

UC Santa Cruz reached the venerable age of 50 in 2015—meaning that many of its departments and programs are now hitting some big milestones, too.

March 2017
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Spring 2017 Alumni Notes

News, notes, updates, and announcements from Slug alumni.

March 2017
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About the spring 2017 issue

Credits, exploring new passions & new ways of thinking.

March 2017

Pop-Up: Righteous farming

Graduates of UC Santa Cruz's Farm & Garden apprenticeship program have been planting the seeds of organic farming all over the nation and the world by starting their own endeavors—here are a few of them.

By Dan White, March 2017

Why don’t we say what we mean?

UC Santa Cruz linguists and students are putting research to work for Silicon Valley tech companies making devices that can decode the subtleties of human language.

By Scott Rappaport, October 2016